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This lawsuit is an initiative by Bureau Clara Wichmann, with the support of other organisations, including Stichting SVS/Meldpunt Klachten Silicone (Silicone Complaints Center) and Borstkankervereniging Nederland (Breast Cancer Association) in the Netherlands.

Bureau Clara Wichmann

Bureau Clara Wichmann has been striving for a better social and legal position of women in the Netherlands for more than 35 years. In addition, we support the struggle against all forms of gender discrimination, inequality and stereotyping. We do this by advocating justice and influencing the law, legal practice, legislation and regulations. We also try to impact the implementation of the laws that have a direct impact on women’s rights. Bureau Clara Wichmann is a non-profit foundation which is funded by grants and donations. In 2013, Bureau Clara Wichmann pursued a trial process against the state on the safety of silicones. We demanded that the Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg (Dutch Health Care Inspectorate) takes action against the use of dangerous silicone breast implants. Bureau Clara Wichmann fights against the injustice that women increasingly have to deal with defective medical products and that their complaints are not taken seriously.
Bureau Clara Wichmann

Stichting SVS/Meldpunt Klachten Siliconen (Silicone Complaints Center)

Stichting SVS (Foundation for Women with Silicone Implantations)/Meldpunt Klachten Siliconen (Silicone Complaints Center) was founded in 1992 by and for women with health problems resulting from unsafe breast implants. More than 6,000 women have already reported their health problems to the Complaints Center. The foundation calls attention to unsafe breast implants in various ways: through lobbying at the government, plastic surgeons, medical doctors and the European Commission.

Borstkankervereniging Nederland (Dutch Breast Cancer Association)

For forty years now, the Dutch Breast Cancer Association (BVN) has stood up for (former) breast cancer patients, people with hereditary/familial predisposition and their relatives. We provide information and arrange contact with fellow sufferers.

BVN is committed to ensuring that people dealing with breast cancer receive the treatment, care and support that is tailored to them and suits their needs. BVN strives for good quality of care and life, providing information and arranging contact with fellow sufferers. In addition, BVN places topics on the agenda of hospitals, researchers, health insurers and other important stakeholders to improve the quality of care and life. Furthermore, they respond to current developments, decisions by the government and health insurers.

Borst Kanker Vereniging

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