by Bureau Clara Wichmann

Friday 19:30 livestream: ask all your questions about the Silicone Case!

Thousands of women have already joined our lawsuit against Allergan for their disease-causing breast implants!

We regularly receive questions about the lawsuit from many women who have applied, or women who are about to apply. Why did Bureau Clara Wichmann start this lawsuit? How long will the lawsuit last? What does it mean if I sign up for the lawsuit?

That is why we are organizing a livestream this Friday 21 January. From 19:30 to 21:00 Anniek de Ruijter (director Bureau Clara Wichmann) and Jantina Hiemstra (involved in this lawsuit as a lawyer at law firm Hausfeld) are ready to answer all questions.

Follow the live stream here
You can follow the live stream here:

The link to the live stream can be found here:

Via Facebook:
Via Vimeo:
We have already received many questions via the form. We try to answer as many questions as possible during the livestream. During the livestream you can also ask questions in the chat (on Facebook and Vimeo). We hope to be able to answer as many questions as possible about the lawsuit.

Next week we will also add new questions to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the website. It may not be possible to answer all (specific) questions. If you still have a question after the livestream, you can email

You can also watch the live stream. After the broadcast, we will place a link on

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