by Bureau Clara Wichmann


That is 60,000 too many. About 60,000 people in the Netherlands have dangerous Biocell breast implants. These implants leak silicone, resulting in serious health problems. They also increase the risk of a rare form of lymphoma. That is why Bureau Clara Wichmann, together with other organisations, is filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Biocell implants, Allergan.


There is nothing wrong with opting for breast augmentation or reconstruction. But there is something wrong with the Biocell implants by Allergan. They increase the risk of a rare form of lymphoma by 466 times. These are facts for which the pharmaceutical company does not take responsibility. Bureau Clara Wichmann and Meldpunt Klachten Siliconen (The Silicone Complaints Center in the Netherlands) will not let this happen. We are filing a lawsuit against Allergan and claiming compensation for all aggrieved persons. We do this together with as many co-plaintiffs as possible. So please check the brand of your silicone, join us and spread the word. Together we will force the pharmaceutical company to compensate all victims. There are 60,000 of us.


Do you currently have or did you have Biocell (Natrelle) breast implants manufactured by Allergan (McGhan and Inamed)? If so, then please register for the lawsuit. This collective lawsuit aims at claiming compensation from Allergan for both you and many other women for the harm and risk resulting from their unsafe breast implants.
Registering for the lawsuit does not cost you anything. We work with several legal aid insurers and a litigation funder, so everyone can take part. The costs of this lawsuit are claimed from Allergan. The court may decide that Allergan does not have to pay these costs. In this case, we ask the court to deduct a small part of your compensation (with a maximum of 15%) to pay for these legal costs. You will only need to pay if you are entitled to compensation. If you do not receive any compensation, you will not have to pay anything.
Do you have legal aid insurance? If you register with us before December 31st 2022, this insurance will cover the costs and you will receive your full compensation. The conditions of your legal aid insurance will apply starting from January 1st 2023. Please note that your contribution to the legal costs will never exceed 15% of the compensation you receive. Have your implants been placed outside of The Netherlands, and did you live in a different country than The Netherlands at that time, or do you live abroad at present time? Please contact us via