by Bureau Clara Wichmann


I hereby grant an exclusive power of attorney to Bureau Clara Wichmann, with right of substitution, to represent me with respect to all claims arising out of or related to the Macro Textured Breast Implants placed on the market by Allergan or its affiliated entities.

Bureau Clara Wichmann may do everything that is reasonably necessary for me in and out of court to induce Allergan to pay my claim(s). With this power of attorney, she can, for example – but not exclusively – institute one or more claims on my behalf, draft procedural documents and other documents (or have them drawn up), sign them and obtain and/or execute an enforceable title, reach a settlement, represent me in a class action, make an opt-out statement in a class action or in a class settlement and/or request information about my implants on my behalf and the reimbursement thereof from parties who may have this information.

Dutch law applies to this power of attorney.