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Why we started the Silicone Case with the support of SVS/ Silicone Complaints Hotline?

We are regularly asked why we from Bureau Clara Wichmann started the Silicone Case with the support of SVS / Silicone Complaints Report, and we hear from women who are unsure whether they want to or can participate. That’s why we like to tell you our story.

On December 1, Bureau Clara Wichmann, supported by the Silicone Complaints Foundation / SVS and the Breast Cancer Association Allergan, held the manufacturer of Biocell breast implants liable. The manufacturer is held liable for the marketing of defective implants and for the (financial) damage they have caused with this.

Bureau Clara Wichmann has been working together with the Silicone Complaints Office / SVS Foundation since 2013, because of their expertise and years of dedication to women with complaints caused by silicone breast implants. Since 1992, SVS has done a lot of work to convince the government, plastic surgeons, doctors and even the European Commission that women developed complaints and became seriously ill due to silicone implants. SVS ensures that women are heard and has helped many women in the past.

Bureau Clara Wichmann supported Meldpunt Silicones / SVS in 2013 in a trial lawsuit against the Dutch State, in which it was demanded that the State take enforcement action against the use of dangerous breast implants. Unfortunately, this case was not won, but an implant register has emerged. Since then, we have been investigating other possible strategic lawsuits together with SVS. That is where the Silicone case came out against Allergan, because we consider it promising and want to offer the more than 60,000 women who have Allergan implants the compensation they are entitled to.

So this partnership has been around for quite some time. In addition, Bureau Clara Wichman has been conducting strategic litigation for women’s rights and gender equality for 38 years. We do this as a non-profit foundation.

One of our most famous cases is the case about the SGP and the right to vote, which allowed women to stand for election after 8 years of legal battle. In addition, Bureau Clara Wichmann achieved in 2018, after 15 years of legal battle, that all pregnant self-employed persons were entitled to maternity benefit.

More recently, Bureau Clara Wichmann has filed lawsuits for free contraception for everyone, for ‘remote mother’ Trudy Scheelen-Gertsen, who was forced to give up her child for adoption in the 1960s. In addition, we fight against the criminalization of the overtime pill, against forced labor of young girls at the Good Shepherd monastic community until the 1980s, and we fight online gendered hate speech.

For the silicone case against Allergan, Bureau Clara Wichmann, the Silicone Complaints Office Foundation / SVS and the Breast Cancer Association have joined forces to take a stand against manufacturers who market dangerous implants.

Together we are strong.

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